Your room, the best place to be. Make it nice for yourself.

A room, from the Latin habitatǐo, -ōnis, from “habitare” (“to live”), in architecture, is each one of the spaces of a house, located between partitions and destined to sleep, eat, etc.

It is usually separated from other interior spaces by interior walls with doors; and from the exterior, by exterior walls with windows. It is normally accessed through a door from a corridor, another room, a patio, etc.

Historically, the use of rooms dates back at least to the Minoan civilization in 2200 B.C., where excavations at Akrotiri, in the Greek archipelago of Santorini, reveal clearly defined rooms through a certain type of structure.

The room – a space of peace

Every room in your home is important, and each should communicate a specific message and evoke a particular vibration. The room is the ultimate place for relaxation and rejuvenation. When decorating your room, you need to consider these factors. It doesn’t matter if you have a particular taste or style, everyone should feel relaxed and calm in the room. Colors, soft furnishings, textures and floors can be tailored to your interior design, allowing you to create serene and peaceful spaces to safeguard your resting space.

Where can I find ideas and inspiration to decorate my room?

The style section of our website is a valuable source for finding ideas for your room. We have many images of rooms decorated in a variety of styles to inspire you. The ideas are wide and varied, ranging from rustic to industrial, so you are sure to find something to suit your taste. Then, search the styles section, and the images you like best can be saved in your online idea book.

How do I get the right design for my room?


When considering the design of your room, it is helpful to think of a particular style, and related issues. Aesthetics are important, but don’t forget about functionality. Will you need a lot of storage space, and if so, will this storage space be easy to integrate into the design? The “Styles” section of our website can be a great help in deciding which design is right for you, especially if you have a lot of ideas and find it difficult to put them together coherently. This section is divided into different categories for the style of your room decoration, such as minimalist, modern, eclectic, colonial, among others.

Tips for decorating your room

Before you start buying furniture for your room, define the color or wallpaper for the walls, and the type of floor you want. The color you paint or wallpaper your walls with will help create a calm and serene atmosphere, and can serve as a guide for the other furniture in the room. Take your time to define what mood you want to create and what type of lighting best suits it. You don’t want your room to be too bright. However, a room with low lighting will make nighttime activities, such as sewing, reading or exploring the Internet, difficult.

What are the right colors for my room?

Colors are mood catalysts, so choosing the right one can determine how well you’ll rest. Green and blue colors in rooms are excellent. Green is a direct association with nature and has healing qualities, while blue is relaxing and serene. Lilac is a soothing color that has a stress-reducing effect and works very well in female style rooms, just like white. However, if you decide to go for an all-white room, incorporating different textures and patterns will help add depth and warmth.

What kind of flooring can I put in my room?

Soft, luxurious, fluffy carpets work perfectly in a room. Think carefully about what kind of floor you want for your room, because laying a cold wood floor can make getting out of bed a real challenge. Carpets have many benefits, but they do have some drawbacks to consider. Carpets accumulate a lot of dust and must be cleaned regularly; stains can be difficult to remove and are not as strong as wood floors. If you prefer how a wood floor looks, and find it easy to maintain, invest a little in good quality carpets for certain areas. They can help soften the room environment and add warmth. Tiles are another option, and they work very well in warm climates, as they help keep the space cool. Other options worth considering for the room’s flooring are vinyl and laminate flooring.

How do I find the right accessories for my room?

Accessories help you define a personality for your room and can serve to change the image of the bedroom, helping to put your room in style between decorations. Accessories add the finishing touches to a room design and reflect your personality. Soft furnishings are perfect for the bedroom, adding comfort, style and color. Beautiful fabric details give luxurious and warm pressures, while printed pattern details are great decorating ideas for bedrooms and a way to integrate art and sophistication into your boudoir. Scented candles are always a welcome touch, and woven baskets provide storage and work well with natural, rustic and eclectic styles.

How do I decorate a small room?

Small rooms can be a challenge. There are many ideas for decorating a room that you can incorporate into your design, but, to get the most out of your room; place your bed at an angle that adds charm and character, while, built-in mirrored closets are great for small rooms. They are ideal space savers and their mirror panels help create the illusion of extra space. Beds with storage space are also a good idea for small rooms, allowing you to keep items out of sight, while closet and coffee table units can save space, and are also an excellent place for books, bedside tables and framed pictures.

White rooms

The white serves as a large background, almost like a canvas, waiting for the artist’s brushstrokes. The white rooms are an example of a style that evokes peace. A Zen setting, incorporating natural textures and wood into an all-white room, will help prevent it from looking too cold or clinical. Striking patterns in cushions and bedspreads, and an injection of color into furniture pieces, give an eclectic vibe. Monochromatic details work well in white room design. Choose monochromatic patterns to decorate your room and get a simple and effective style. White also works well with a sloppy and elegant design for the room. The trick is to use layers of linen, combined with elegant textures and embroidery on the bed and pillows for a clean, contemporary style.

What wallpaper and colors should I use in a room?

An expensive wallpaper is a welcome detail, and one that you can apply even on a tight budget, simply by placing it on one wall. By creating a “main” wall it presents an argument, which instantly adds luxury and elegance. You can also adapt the wallpaper to work with the size and shape of your room, for example, a line wallpaper can make the walls look taller, or make the room look wider, which is very good in small bedrooms. Blues, greens, lilacs and whites are good colors for any room, and you can choose a color according to your particular taste and the theme you want in your design.

Style and decorating guide for a room


You can get a wealth of ideas for decorating your room by exploring the “Styles” section of our website. You will find an extensive list of styles with a great variety, destined to satisfy all tastes. These styles contain beautiful and detailed images, which convey a diversity of ideas for room decoration.

How to achieve: Modern rooms

Modern rooms are represented by shades of gray, white and black, serving as base colors. The walls act as a background for abstract and geometric patterns. The lines of the furniture are clean and incorporate metal edges on beds and night tables. The main walls are upholstered in linear patterns, with colored details here and there to maintain visual interest. Accessories are kept to a minimum in modern designs. Storage is important, and should blend well with the design of the room, while maintaining functionality.

How to achieve: Country Rooms

The essentials of country rooms are neutral tones for the painted walls, white with a touch of lilac, blue or green helps create a soft atmosphere. Floral patterns on the room’s wallpaper work well as the main wall. Pine or all-white furniture is popular for country style. French country style furniture such as fauteuil chairs add a lovely, elegant touch.

How to achieve: Industrial rooms

The main features of an industrial room are the raw elements and unfinished textures. Exposed bricks are very popular and characterize the utilitarian style. You can also paint the bricks white, for a lighter effect. Antique wood also fits the industrial style, as do exposed pipes and ducts for a more warehouse style. Iron bed frames are effective and metal bedside tables with copper details are nice additions that add cohesion.

How to achieve: Rustic Rooms

The rustic rooms are on the use of solid wood, which can be used in the bed frames, walls, floor and even the ceiling. Combined with warm tones, such as brown, beige or gray and a soft green tone, to create allusions to nature. The stone walls reflect an authentic rustic style, and provide hard, unfinished edges. The decoration of the rustic rooms combines well with minimalist designs. White walls, black and white furniture, and green details, in contrast with large paintings and accessories, combine very well with wooden floors, for medium to large sized bedrooms.

How to achieve: Scandinavian Rooms

The Scandinavian room style is characterized by its simplicity and functionality. If you like elegance, you will love this style for your room. The earthy, beige and gray tones are superimposed on white painted walls. Wooden floors can also be implemented in white, with large wooden ottomans and old trunks placed at the end of the bed, which function as a focal point and storage. The soft lighting is an important indicator of Scandinavian style. The use of natural lighting where possible emphasizes simplicity.

10 things every bedroom needs


Are you planning to decorate a bedroom? Then pay attention to know what basic things a bedroom needs to be comfortable and well designed.

#1 A theme
If the children of the house think of a theme for their room quickly, such as Princesses or Transformers, the older ones should also choose. A room inspired by the sea, the rustic or certain patterns (like stripes) are just some ideas you can develop.

#2 A great mattress
It wouldn’t be a bedroom if it didn’t have a bed, would it? But it’s not about putting anything in. The mattress is essential for a good rest, so buy the best one you can afford.

#3 The right amount of cushions
How do you know? In general there are supposed to be between 1 and 6 cushions, depending on the size of the bed. Don’t exaggerate, otherwise you will spend more time tidying up cushions than enjoying your bed.

#4 A carpet
There is nothing nicer than getting out of bed and stepping on a soft carpet at the foot of the bed. Is the floor already carpeted? It doesn’t matter! A small single rug is what you need for that comfort touch.

#5 A good bedside table
By this I mean that you do not need a fine and exotic night table, but one that fits everything you need, with several drawers and enough space to support a lamp, your favorite book, the glasses if you use them, a glass of water, etc.

#6 A place to sit (other than the bed)
A nice armchair or modern chair for two is perfect for when you want to read without falling asleep, check your mail or tie your shoes, for example.

#7 A collection that makes you happy
Who doesn’t collect something? If you have several pieces from a collection, there’s nothing better than putting it in your bedroom as a decorative reminder of your accomplishments.

#8 Photographs (but not family)
Leave the family photos to decorate the room, because in the bedroom you need a less emotionally charged environment. Look for elegant, soothing images that evoke memories and help you sleep.

#9 A closet or dressing room
According to the size of the room, every bedroom should have a place to store clothes in an organized way.

#10 A mirror
You can have mirrors all over the house, but the one in your bedroom is special, because there you can lock yourself in to create the look you want so much.

These basics for a bedroom can’t be missing if you are about to decorate a room or you are going to live alone. Do you know anything else that can’t be missing in a bedroom?

5 original styles to decorate your bedroom


The bedroom is one of the most intimate places in the home, a place of relaxation where you spend most of the day (sleeping), and also offers your last visions at night before going to sleep, and is the first thing you see in the morning when you wake up.

Looking at it that way, it’s easy to understand why it’s so important to feel comfortable in the bedroom! That’s why we bring you some ideas to choose from, or take what you like best, from these original styles to decorate your bedroom.

#1 Modern bedroom
If you love to keep up with the latest in decor and style, a modern bedroom is probably the best choice for you. Some ideas for decorating a modern bedroom include stainless steel fixtures and fittings, luxurious fabrics, striking color details, mirrors and straight-line furniture in solid colors.

#2 Rustic Bedroom
On the opposite side of the modern bedroom decor style is the rustic bedroom. To create the cozy and natural atmosphere of the rustic bedroom, take inspiration from nature to choose the colors and materials of the furniture, as well as the decorative elements.

#3 Neutral bedroom
The neutral bedroom is the ideal style for practical people, with relaxing neutral colors and comfortable yet simple furniture. Among the neutral colors you will find a wide range of grays, beige, lilac, dry green and blue jean. A bed base with a comfortable backrest and a few decorative accessories will complete the room.

#4 Romantic Bedroom
For those who have their heart set on their chest, a romantic bedroom will satisfy their need for beauty and romance. To create a romantic ambiance, opt for pastel tones and golden accessories, flights on the bedspread and satin bedding.

#5 Classic Bedroom
If you are one of those who thinks that “all time spent was better”, and you admire the furniture in your parents’ or grandparents’ house, consider decorating your bedroom in the classic style.

A classic bedroom probably has a sturdy and elegant bed made of good carved wood or iron, which may also have a canopy. The bedside tables will probably match, as well as the dresser, and you’ll prefer soft colors, such as white and pastel shades.

Which of these original bedroom styles do you identify with the most, and how would you decorate the rest of your home? Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect style of decor for your home!

7 mistakes in your bedroom that don’t let you sleep well


A bad night’s sleep can be attributed to many things, from what you eat and drink before you go to sleep, to the way you lie in bed. However, when this situation is repeated for several nights in a row, it may be time to review these mistakes you may be making in your bedroom that are keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep.

1. Your pillow is too soft and fluffy

The goal of the pillow is to keep your head and neck in line with your spine while you sleep. The problem with pillows that are too soft and fluffy is that they allow your head to sink in, forming an uncomfortable angle that doesn’t allow you a good night’s sleep.

The only way to solve this is to choose the right pillow according to the shape of your body. Try to buy your pillow in a store that accepts returns, so that you can try it at home and, if it is not the right one, you can change it for another one that fits better.

2. The mattress is old

A simple way to determine if your mattress is too old to continue to fulfill its purpose is to check if it has an indentation in the middle, or if you feel you’re sinking when you go to bed. Keep in mind that the life of a mattress, depending on its quality, is between 5 and 10 years.

In case you feel it’s time to change your mattress to enjoy a better night’s sleep, but don’t have the budget to do it, you can add a thick mattress cover, which will probably help you sleep better for a while until you can buy a new mattress.

3. Mattress is too soft or too hard

Just like Goldilocks when she tried out each of the three bears’ beds, mattresses that are too soft or too hard are not comfortable to sleep on. It’s best to get advice from the store about the best mattress density for your weight.

4. You sleep on synthetic materials

The problem with synthetic materials is that, with the heat of the body, they increase the temperature, and can make you sleep uncomfortably or wake you up sweating in the middle of the night. Whenever possible, choose sheets and sleepwear made of natural fibers such as cotton.

5. The room is too hot or too cold

The ideal room temperature for a good night’s rest is between 12 and 24º C. This is easy to adjust with an air conditioner. If you don’t have one, you can always use a fan in summer, and a good selection of blankets in winter.

6. The room is too bright

Closing the blinds and having dark curtains on the windows are all measures that will help you enjoy a better rest at night. If your windows don’t have blinds and the curtains aren’t dark enough, using a sleep mask may be a good solution for you.

7. You sleep with your cell phone on

The risk of sleeping with your cell phone on is that you may receive messages or alerts at any time in the morning, which may interfere with your deep sleep stages.

While it is ideal to leave your phone outside the bedroom while you sleep, if this is not possible you can put it into silent mode during the night, or at least turn off your mobile data to avoid being woken up by irrelevant messages through social networks.

Just by eliminating some of these mistakes that you may be making in your bedroom and that don’t let you sleep well, you can experience great changes and wake up more rested every day. In addition, we give you 5 ideas to make your bedroom more relaxing.

Rules for decorating a harmonious bedroom according to Feng Shui


I’m going to put them into practice right now!

Feng Shui is an ancient philosophy that focuses on the energy produced by each individual object, seeking to achieve harmony as a whole. Therefore, the way objects, shapes and colors affect you is very important in terms of Feng Shui.

Bearing in mind that every design decision you make affects you on an energy level, we bring you the main rules for decorating a bedroom so that you can incorporate the balance and harmony of Feng Shui.

1. The colors for the bedroom

Color selection is extremely important. Colors are very powerful in terms of stimulation and appeasement.

In the bedroom, colors have a complex task to perform. They must be sexually stimulating and at the same time appropriate for relaxation. Opt for discreet shades and tones, preferably pastel colors. Very bright colors are too stimulating and inappropriate for a bedroom.

Colors that appear in nature help to relax. Choose a soft shade of green or blue. Green is the color of life, grass and nature.

This will make you feel comfortable and safe. Light pink is a color associated with romance and sexuality. All earthy and warm colors, such as beige, brown, pale orange and light yellow are appropriate as well.

2. Feng Shui in decoration

The appropriate decoration in Feng Shui is in pairs, that is two pieces of each decorative object, because they symbolize the balance between the people who share the bedroom.

If you are in a couple or if you want to find love, you have to provide your bedroom with romantic energy. To do this always use two items of each thing, such as two bedside tables and a couple of paintings, which are excellent for achieving the balance of Feng Shui.

On the other hand, prefer those objects that have more curves than edges, because sharp edges produce negative energy for Feng Shui.

3. The bed according to Feng Shui

Canopy beds are a very good idea in terms of Feng Shui. Many people think they are too old fashioned and too aristocratic, but the fact is that these beds neutralize the negative energy in the bedroom.

Position the bed so that there is always a wall behind the headboard, providing extra support for those sleeping there.

Solid wood beds are an excellent idea; it will give you an extra sense of comfort and security.

4. Other Bedroom Decorations

Thick curtains will help keep positive energy in the room. Windows are considered a negative influence, as they allow large waves of energy to enter and exit. Therefore, never place a bed under the window.

In the bedroom, all decorative elements should represent your passions, dreams and goals in life. Eliminate those elements that depress you or provoke negative feelings.

These are simple details but have a great influence in creating a relaxing, harmonious and balanced atmosphere according to Feng Shui in the bedroom.

What is the best pillow and how to choose it


It is not only about sleeping well, but also about taking care of the spine. Add to the rest a plus of comfort and health by choosing the ideal one for you.

The best way to face the day is to have a good rest. There is no good health without a good night’s sleep, and for that, it is key to create the best conditions for sleeping. Choose a good mattress first, and then find out which is the best pillow for your spine, your neck and your sleeping habits. Surprise yourself with the enormous variety of options that exist today in the market and find the ideal one for you.

The first thing to know is that the type of pillow that works well for you is very personal. Some prefer harder alternatives and others super soft, and there are those who like them tall and those who seek the finest on the market. There are also therapeutic options, manufactured to help with lumbar or cervical problems, and options for different times of the day (to read or watch TV, for example) or for a particular stage, such as a pregnancy.

What is the best pillow

One of the most common questions that orthopedic surgeons receive is whether the neck or back pain may be due to an inadequate pillow. And the answer, in general, is that “yes, it can be”: we spend an average of 8 hours resting on it and it should be a great ally of restorative sleep. It can prevent or alleviate some neck and back pain and is worth investing in it.

How to choose a pillow

As we start to find out which one is the best we will discover that there are different models and designs to choose from.

The first thing we should know is that the objective of this popular object is to keep the spine straight, filling in the curvature of the neck and thus allowing it to relax. The main thing is that it makes you feel comfortable. No matter what advice you are given: the ideal is the one that is comfortable for you.

How to choose a mattress

Some advice:

First of all, the amohada should keep the spine in a natural alignment, like when we are standing.
The amohada should be adjusted to various sleeping positions and should continue to relieve pressure points regardless of how you lie down. Texture is key in this.
If the height is too high, sleeping on your side or face down will increase muscle tension in the back of your neck and shoulders. In addition, it can obstruct breathing, causing snoring.
If it is too low, muscle tension may appear in the neck.
Based on our body measurements, you should maintain a height of 10 to 15 cm, so that it adequately supports the head and neck.

Types of pillows

There are different models, which have different shapes or have designs with specific objectives.


Some are too soft and are not able to support the weight of shoulders and head. Others however are so firm that the neck and head are forced into uncomfortable and unhelpful postures. The ideal choice should be soft and comfortable, but with just the right amount of firmness, something that has a lot to do with the materials it is made of.

In general, most are built in these materials: latex, feather, cotton or viscoelastic foam.

Those made of synthetic fibers or feathers are flexible, so they are recommended for those who sleep on their stomachs.
For people who move a lot at bedtime, latex and viscoelastic are recommended, since they have a memory system, and adapt to the person who uses them.
For those who have cervical or lumbar problems, it is good to consult for options with “intelligent” materials, which adapt to the position and body to offer points of relief and rest.
Many are produced with anti-mite materials, fungi and bacteria.
Pillow filling: if you are allergic, it is important to check that the material it is made of does not affect your health. Today there are different fillings that you can try.

The ideal option depending on how you sleep

Sleeping Neck Support Pillow - Sleepezy 3 Zone

Another fact to take into account when buying is the posture in which you sleep:

How to take care of your pillows

Hygiene is fundamental in health care, since it is the place where we breathe for many hours. To make it last and stay healthy, I followed these tips:

The best choice for every stage of life

Over the years the body changes and we have different needs when it comes to going to bed and getting a good night’s sleep.

Pillows for pregnant women

They are specially designed for pregnant women, which promote a good distribution of weight and optimize good circulation during rest. They relieve back pain and are used for a long time, because they can also be used for breastfeeding.

For babies

They are advisable only after the year, not before. This is because children have a much larger head in proportion and have no problem sleeping on their side or back without it. You can have one as a crib ornament but it’s not used. You can find some that are designed for the day, so they’re in a comfortable, safe position while playing or napping.

For children

From the year some children may already start to need it, because the shoulders are already wider than their heads and, consequently, the heads start to hang if they sleep on their side. It should be low and soft.

It is also good to have some pillows for children, for the time of reading or playing. Besides, they are great as complements in the decoration of children’s rooms.

For travel

Finally, it is always good to have a travel pillow. Today there are many options that you can add to your travel accessories and avoid the pain of many hours by car, bus or plane.